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Kitchen & cabinet doors

Unidoor has a long tradition of manufacturing kitchen cabinet doors, kitchen countertops and kitchen tables.

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A long tradition

Unidoor has a long tradition of manufacturing kitchen cabinet doors, kitchen worktops and kitchen tables in solid wood, veneer or MDF. We also make kitchen parts such as walls, panels, light strips and cornices, etc. Interior designers and kitchen builders can come to us for anything from a unique kitchen project to large-scale piece production. We are your partner for all visible elements of your kitchen! We have an extensive catalog of ready-made kitchen cabinet doors.

We offer different styles from rustic or country house over timeless classic to modern sleek design or minimalism. We will be happy to advise you on technical matters and then build the doors, components or furniture you desire. However, many customers come with their own designs that we realize entirely according to their representations and technical specifications. Whether it’s a complete kitchen or a few components, whether you order 100 pieces or just 1 – we work for you!


Working together?

Collaborating with us is a good choice. Our extensive catalog provides you with ample choices for turnkey solutions. However, the catalog can also be a source of inspiration for your own designs. We are happy to offer samples that can help your customer choose. We also provide our partners with demonstration models of kitchen cabinet doors from our catalog or a model of your own design.

Any manufacturing costs will be credited upon order. Our philosophy as a family-owned business is one of long-term relationships with our customers where, based on trust and respect, we work together for common success. We want to be a true partner who thinks with you and whom you can fall back on when necessary. Let’s start in advance with a personal introduction and a tour of our studios.

Source of inspiration


Our catalog is a source of inspiration for you. You will find examples of different styles and models of kitchen cabinets, doors and components. In the catalog you can also see the most current designs from our furniture programs. A special “design by Praet” section will show you some contemporary design classics from in-house.

Finally, we offer an overview of our most common doors.For a comprehensive introduction to all our capabilities, however, we would like to invite you to our workshops and showroom. There we can introduce you to our woodworking and our furniture and have every conceivable color and material sample available.


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