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"We have a tradition of innovation. In our halls and in our workshop you will find the most modern machines on the market."

As a family business with a clear long-term vision, we continue to invest in our growth every year. We do this on the one hand along the side of our people – our most important capital – but certainly also along the side of the machines.

They ensure that we can deliver quality and efficient customization at competitive prices. Moreover, they only increase our employees’ job satisfaction. Who doesn’t enjoy working with new, ingeniously designed and ergonomic machines?

We would like to give you an overview of our most recent investments of the last two years that have allowed us to move decisively in the direction of robotization with, in the meantime, already three machines with robot technology.

Automatic sheet warehouse with dividing saw

There is also activity at night in the Unidoor studio these days! Indeed, the sheets needed by the dividing saw the next day are automatically sorted by order of operation to save valuable time during the day.

Through a new software and a new lifting system, this makes our plate warehouse a little more performant.

Edge joiner

The edge joiner recognizes the bar code and thus knows which edge banding and adhesive to use.

It is equipped with a double adhesive system, has a sanding device for the veneer section, selects from 12+1 edge bands and, thanks to the return, can sort different orders.

With this edge joiner, we can further automate and save time in our production process, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

Band saw

Our band saw is an essential machine for the first rough sawing operations in our process.

It is also used to scale wood. Here we are going to cut the wood lengthwise.

We also use the band saw to give our products a “fine sawn” surface finish. This results in beautiful slightly rough finish.

4-sided planer

Our 4-sided planer transforms raw wood into straight, squared and smooth planed material using four spindles.

This optimally prepares the material for further production. During this process, hidden imperfections are also removed from the wood.

In this way, we provide an additional check on the quality delivered.


Such investments ensure that with us, quality and piecework go hand in hand and at competitive prices. Fancy working together? We will be happy to show you around our halls and workshops and show you why we can do your jobs perfectly. So you can see for yourself how we reconcile efficiency, automation, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

Experienced woodworkers

The machine is nothing without the human. Our most valuable production factors are the experienced woodworkers and furniture makers who control the machines with an eye for detail and all the tricks of the trade and, where necessary, use their own hands to create your furniture and furniture components.

Glue Street

Unidoor also has its own Glue Street. In this way, the veneers for our customers can be glued on appropriately.

This allows us to create a
guaranteed constant quality and continue to meet our own delivery deadlines as well.

From thickness sander

This sander from the Biesse brand, allows us to more efficiently and accurately
work and expand our range.

It reduces manual work and thus contributes to faster turnaround times.

Moreover, we found that the machine really offers superior quality. The cross roll also allows it to scratch in patterns.

5-axis CNC

Our 5-axis CNC machine offers high-precision machining to the nearest 0.001mm and features a flat table with an impressive 6000x2000mm working area.

This machine enables a wide range of profiling, curves and organic shapes.

With its revolutionary “nesting system,” the machine mills with minimal material loss, significantly increasing efficiency.

Panel saw

Altendorf’s “Hand Guard” format saws are the safest in the world thanks to the first and only optical detection system equipped with two optical cameras.

Among others, we have a singleflex with single-sided, tilt-adjustable seeding unit and a twinflex with two-way adjustable seeding unit.

These machines demonstrate that safety is priority number one for Unidoor!

Sanding robot

Our sanding robot in the paint shop allows us to further increase our capacity.

There are different programs that can be used to sand different types of doors.

Shape, grain, hardness,… it’s all perfectly adjustable.

So very efficient!